A new five Euro coin from Germany is designed to look like the Earth and contains a transparent blue ring in the coin. But while the unique look is a novelty, the coin’s colourful ring actually serves an important purpose.

New five Euro coin design.
New five Euro coin design.

The transparent blue ring that runs through the coin is made of plastic and actually contains security features, reports World Crunch, and is designed to be difficult to counterfeit. The plastic ring makes it easy for people to check the coin’s authenticity as the plastic included is difficult to make, and therefore, reproduce, reports The Local Denmark.

The coin is designed so that the outer ring looks like space, the blue ring like the atmosphere, and the centre like the Earth.

According to Deutsche Bundesbank, the central bank of Germany, the federal government will produce 2 million of the coins in both mint condition and with a proof-like finish from all five German mints.

While the coin is legal tender, it is expected to be kept mostly by collectors.

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