Forget yurts, tents and huts. A quirky new campsite has opened in the Netherlands that sees guests spending the night in fantastical units that include a former grain silo, a tiny greenhouse, an electric cart and a small house made of floating bricks. Each unique accommodation has been made with upcycled and sustainable materials and designed and planned as a stand-alone piece of art. 

Located in historic Delfshaven, ten minutes away from Rotterdam city centre, Culture Campsite is described as part-sustainable city campsite, part-interactive exhibition. Each “bedroom” sleeps two-to-three people, and has been created by various artists and designers. The site is laid out in a circular design, and sees guests sleeping in unique rooms such as Val Ross, a former animal silo with a hatch, a bed and a window, Honeycomb, a bee-inspired house on stilts, and Expedition North Cape, a tent-greenhouse hybrid inspired by the spirit of adventure.

The Dome Culture Campsite
The Dome at Culture Campsite © Heeman Fotografie

The campsite is situated on a former parking lot which was transformed into a small green space thanks to the project. “It’s a unique experience between visitor, art, architecture and sustainability in the middle of Rotterdam. They are smaller than a tiny house, more exciting than a tent and different from all glamping accommodations,” a member of the Culture Campsite team told Lonely Planet.

Litte Pea at Culture Campsite designed by MUD Projects © Heeman Fotografie

Other offerings include Sleeping Pod, a raised spaceship-like object made from a former cattle shelter, and Floating Bricks, an optical illusion that combines recycled building materials with glass.

According to the team, social distancing is possible at the campsite due to how spaced out the different objects are, while the company cleans everything down between visitors.

Honeycomb at Culture Campsite © buroLab

More information on Culture Campsite is available at the official website.

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