If you’re dreaming about escaping to a tropical island, why not add to your fantasy a floating villa that can sail you leisurely around turquoise waters?

Bora Bora-based boat charter company ELYT Charter Tahiti is working on a new addition to their fleet that will be “one of a kind” within French Polynesia. It’s a solar-powered and eco-friendly catamaran, “inspired by Polynesian canoes” and the islands’ water lifestyle.

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“The ‘house boat’ will be situated in the lagoon of Bora Bora,” ELYT Charter Tahiti said to Lonely Planet. “Its main purpose is to remain stationary on a mooring and rented as a villa, [but] it can eventually cruise the inner lagoon of Bora Bora with a dedicated captain.”

A rendering of the main living area of the bungalow
Guests can also rent equipment for a wide range of water activities, like inflatable kayaks and snorkeling gear © ELYT Charter Tahiti

Everything aboard the 120 sq meters floating bungalow, from propulsion to hot water to equipment, will be powered by solar panels. The absence of a diesel engine also means that the catamaran will be low-impact, smoke and smell-free, making the stay aboard much more enjoyable.

A detail in digital rendering of the catamaran's solar panels
The catamaran will also feature onboard water and waste management systems, to reduce its footprint even more © ELYT Charter Tahiti

The catamaran can welcome up to eight guests, divided among its four bedrooms in a variety of arrangements – three couples, for example, or two couples with children. Other facilities include two fully-equipped bathrooms, living room with media station, and kitchen. Of course, the catamaran also features a sundeck, which will offer 360° views of the lagoon and comes with a bar and a barbecue setup, to make this water-bound experience the most relaxing and luxurious possible.

A digital rendering of one of the catamaran's double bedrooms
The water bungalow can comfortably host up to eight guests, both adults and children © ELYT Charter Tahiti

The catamaran is in its final stages of construction and will hopefully be ready to welcome guests aboard in the first quarter of 2021, starting from €1500 a night. If you’d like more information, you can find it at ELYT Charter Tahiti’s official website here.

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