Ohinemutu is a lakeside Māori village that is home to around 260 people. Highlights include the 1905 Tama-te-Kapua Meeting House (not open to visitors), many steaming volcanic vents, and the wonderful Māori-British mash-up that is St Faith’s Anglican Church. Be respectful if you visit the village: this is private land, and locals don't appreciate loud, nosy tourists wandering around taking photos of their houses.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

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1. St Faith’s Anglican Church

0.05 MILES

Consecrated in 1918, Ōhinemutu's historic timber church is intricately decorated with Māori carvings, tukutuku (woven panels), painted scrollwork and…

2. Lake Rotorua

0.39 MILES

Lake Rotorua is the largest of the district’s 18 lakes and is − underneath all that water − a spent volcano. Near the centre of the lake is Mokoia Island,…

3. Kuirau Park

0.41 MILES

Thermal activity comes no cheaper than at this free public park that runs along the western edge of the town centre. It's a wonderful juxtaposition of…

4. Government Gardens

0.71 MILES

The manicured Government Gardens surrounding the Rotorua Museum are a wonderful example of the blending of English (rose gardens, ponds, croquet lawns and…

5. Rotorua Museum

0.77 MILES

Constructed in a striking faux-Tudor style, this museum, which began life in 1908 as an elegant spa retreat called the Bath House, has been closed since…

6. Rainbow Springs Nature Park

1.95 MILES

The natural springs here are home to wild trout and eels, which you can peer at through an underwater viewer, and plenty of animals, including tuatara (a…

7. Volcanic Hills Winery

2.11 MILES

Drink in the view from the top of the Skyline gondola at this winery tasting room. The wine is made at the bottom of the hill from grapes sourced from NZ…

8. Whakarewarewa

2.32 MILES

Wander the streets of this living village, where the local Tūhourangi/Ngāti Wāhiao people have resided for centuries, with its homes, stores, cafes and…