This technology boffin's paradise is spread over two sites and 19 hectares. At the Great North Rd site look out for former Prime Minister Helen Clark’s Honda 50 motorbike and the pioneer village. The Meola Rd site features the Aviation Display Hall with rare military and commercial planes. The two are linked by a vintage tram (free with admission, $1 otherwise), which passes Western Springs park and the zoo. It’s a fun kids’ ride whether you visit MOTAT or not.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Auckland attractions

1. Western Springs

0.25 MILES

Parents bring their children to this picturesque park for the popular playground. It’s a pleasant picnic spot and a good place to get acquainted with…

2. Auckland Zoo

0.51 MILES

At this modern, spacious zoo, the big foreigners tend to steal the attention from the timid natives, but if you can wrestle the kids away from the tigers…

3. Alberton

1.55 MILES

A classic colonial mansion (1863), Alberton featured as a backdrop for some scenes in The Piano. It's a 1km walk from Mt Albert train station.

4. Moses

1.97 MILES

This reproduction of Michelangelo's Moses was made from marble from the same quarry as the original.

5. Maungawhau Visitor Experience Centre

2.05 MILES

Opened in late 2019, this excellent visitor centre showcases the geological and Māori cultural history of Maungawhau/Mt Eden. Highlights include an…

6. Mt Eden

2.14 MILES

From the top of Auckland’s highest volcanic cone (196m), the entire isthmus and both harbours are laid bare. The symmetrical crater (50m deep) is known as…

8. Eden Garden

2.29 MILES

On Mt Eden's rocky eastern slopes, this mature garden is noted for its camellias, rhododendrons and azaleas.