An old quarry at the Auckland Winter Garden displays a wide collection ferns

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On Mt Eden's rocky eastern slopes, this mature garden is noted for its camellias, rhododendrons and azaleas.

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Nearby Kingsland & Mt Eden attractions

1. Mt Eden

0.21 MILES

From the top of Auckland’s highest volcanic cone (196m), the entire isthmus and both harbours are laid bare. The symmetrical crater (50m deep) is known as…

2. Maungawhau Visitor Experience Centre

0.25 MILES

Opened in late 2019, this excellent visitor centre showcases the geological and Māori cultural history of Maungawhau/Mt Eden. Highlights include an…

3. Highwic

0.53 MILES

A marvellous Carpenter Gothic house (1862), sitting amid lush, landscaped grounds.

4. Auckland Domain

1.08 MILES

Covering about 80 hectares, this green swath contains the Auckland Museum, sports fields, interesting sculpture, formal gardens, wild corners and the…

5. Wintergarden

1.18 MILES

The Wintergarden, with its fernery, tropical house, cool house, cute cat statue and neighbouring cafe, is in the Auckland Domain.

6. Auckland Museum

1.24 MILES

This imposing neoclassical temple (1929), capped with an impressive copper-and-glass dome (2007), dominates the Auckland Domain and is a prominent part of…

7. Kinder House

1.31 MILES

Built of volcanic stone, this 1857 home displays the watercolours and memorabilia of the Reverend Dr John Kinder (1819–1903), headmaster of the Church of…

8. Ewelme Cottage

1.31 MILES

Built in 1864 for a clergyman, this storybook cottage is an exceptionally well-preserved example of an early colonial house.