Auckland Domain

Parnell & Newmarket

Covering about 80 hectares, this green swath contains the Auckland Museum, sports fields, interesting sculpture, formal gardens, wild corners and the Wintergarden, with its fernery, tropical house, cool house, cute cat statue, coffee kiosk and neighbouring cafe. The mound in the centre of the park is all that remains of Pukekaroa, one of Auckland’s volcanoes. At its humble peak, a totara tree surrounded by a palisade honours the first Māori king.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Parnell & Newmarket attractions

1. Wintergarden


The Wintergarden, with its fernery, tropical house, cool house, cute cat statue and neighbouring cafe, is in the Auckland Domain.

2. Auckland Museum

0.24 MILES

This imposing neoclassical temple (1929), capped with an impressive copper-and-glass dome (2007), dominates the Auckland Domain and is a prominent part of…

3. Kinder House

0.48 MILES

Built of volcanic stone, this 1857 home displays the watercolours and memorabilia of the Reverend Dr John Kinder (1819–1903), headmaster of the Church of…

4. St Mary's Church

0.54 MILES

Next door to the Holy Trinity Cathedral, this wonderful wooden Gothic Revival church (1886) has a burnished interior and interesting stained-glass windows.

5. Ewelme Cottage

0.56 MILES

Built in 1864 for a clergyman, this storybook cottage is an exceptionally well-preserved example of an early colonial house.

6. Holy Trinity Cathedral

0.57 MILES

Auckland's Anglican cathedral is a hodgepodge of architectural styles, especially compared to St Mary's Church next door, a wonderful wooden Gothic…

7. Highwic

0.69 MILES

A marvellous Carpenter Gothic house (1862), sitting amid lush, landscaped grounds.

8. Moses

0.81 MILES

This reproduction of Michelangelo's Moses was made from marble from the same quarry as the original.