Located north of the market area, this golden-domed stupa is a helpful landmark.

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Nearby attractions

1. Aung San Statue


This gilded statue of Aung San in army uniform surveys a busy road junction.

2. Shwezigon


This small pagoda offers nice views over the countryside.

3. Thakya Dita Nunnery

0.53 MILES

This modern nunnery has a 16.5ft gilded woven-cane buddha figure in an air-conditioned glass chamber. Respectful guests are warmly welcomed.

4. Htuparyon Paya

0.83 MILES

This gigantic stupa, originally built in 1444, is unusual for having three circular storeys each incorporating arched niches. Across the street, a garden…

5. Sitagu Buddhist Academy

1.15 MILES

Set up in 1994 to educate the brightest young monks, this academy is a major intellectual centre for Theravada Buddhism. The centrepiece is a Sanchi-style…

6. Tilawkaguru

1.24 MILES

At the foot of the great temple-studded hills of Sagaing, you’ll find this little-visited cave monastery. Supposedly built around the 1670s, Tilawkaguru…

7. Shin Pin Nan Kain

1.24 MILES

Shin Pin Nan Kain's brass-clad stupa sits on a hilltop that's lower than Sagaing Hill, but has even better panoramas.

8. Ava Bridge

1.24 MILES

Linking Sagaing and Amarapura are two parallel bridges, each with multiple metal-framed spans. The 16-span 1934 Ava Bridge was partly demolished in 1942…