Peik Chin Myaung

Pyin Oo Lwin

Many Buddhist caves are little more than rocky niches or overhangs, but Peik Chin is much more extensive. It takes around 15 minutes to walk to the cave’s end, following an underground stream past a series of colourful scenes from Buddhist scriptures interspersed with stupas and buddha images. The statues aren't exactly finely crafted masterpieces, but it's a fun place to visit anyway, especially on weekends when lots of locals come.

There are a few sections where you’ll need to bend over to get beneath dripping rocks, but most of the cave is high-ceilinged and adequately lit, so you don’t need a torch. It can feel sweaty and humid inside. No shorts or footwear permitted.

The access road is around 2½ miles east of Myaing Gyi, just beyond the green sign announcing your arrival in Wetwun town. Turn right through a lion-guarded gateway arch, then descend inexorably for another 2 miles to the large parking area thronged with souvenir stalls.

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