National Landmarks Garden

Pyin Oo Lwin

This extensive hilly park is dotted with representations of famous landmarks from around Myanmar. It's pretty tacky, but if you haven't got time to tour the entire country… The entrance is opposite the National Kandawgyi Gardens, near the southern (main) entrance. There is also an amusement park just to the north: one ticket includes admission to both sites.

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1. National Kandawgyi Gardens

0.43 MILES

Founded in 1915 and carved out by Turkish prisoners captured by the British during WWI, this lovingly maintained 435-acre botanical garden features more…

3. Candacraig Hotel

1.32 MILES

Dating from 1904 and formerly the British Club, this colonial pile comes complete with side turrets and is set in attractively manicured gardens…

4. Chan Tak

1.56 MILES

This large, classically styled if mostly modern, Chinese temple comes complete with ornate stucco dragons, rock gardens, a vegetarian buffet restaurant,…

5. Survey Training Centre

1.71 MILES

Grand, off-pink building that's now used by the government (so it can't be entered) dating back to the colonial era.

6. All Saints’ Church

1.85 MILES

This red-brick church was founded in 1912 and while there's something of the English country village look to its shape, in colour and atmosphere it's a…

8. Maha Aung Mye Bon Thar Pagoda

1.91 MILES

Around 6am the pretty Maha Aung Mye Bon Thar Pagoda broadcasts Buddhist suttas (lectures) through its loudspeakers, just in case your alarm clock is…