Anisakan Falls

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Anisakan Falls

Pyin Oo Lwin

Just north of Anisakan village the plateau disappears into an impressive, deeply wooded amphitheatre, its sides ribboned with several waterfalls. The most spectacular of these is the gorgeous three-step Dat Taw Gyaik, whose last stage thunders into a shady splash pool beside a small pagoda on the valley floor. It's best visited in the early morning or late afternoon.

To get here from Pyin Oo Lwin, take the main Mandalay highway (a motorbike taxi is about K8000 return). In Anisakan village take the second asphalted turn right (signposted) and keep right past the first large pagoda. At the end of this road a pair of basic shack-restaurants marks the start of a steep, twisting, rocky forest trail about 40 minutes' trek from the waterfall. It's treacherous in the rainy season (wear proper walking shoes), although you'll get to see the falls in magnificent full flow. Local girls will follow you with drinks; they make good guides (K1000).

There's now a luxury resort and sophisticated restaurant, appropriately named the View, overlooking the falls.

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