Buddhist temple in Pyin Oo Lwin.

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2. Shwezigone Paya

0.46 MILES

The most important central pagoda is Shwezigone Paya, though it’s not really worth a special detour.

5. Survey Training Centre


Grand, off-pink building that's now used by the government (so it can't be entered) dating back to the colonial era.

6. Chan Tak

0.85 MILES

This large, classically styled if mostly modern, Chinese temple comes complete with ornate stucco dragons, rock gardens, a vegetarian buffet restaurant,…

7. Mosque

0.88 MILES

Landmark central mosque, with a tower that resembles a lighthouse more than the average minaret.

8. Purcell Tower


Marking the town centre, this 1936 clock tower thinks it’s Big Ben, judging by its hourly chimes.