Kulungwana Espaço Artístico


This small gallery exhibits works by local and visiting artists and offers sculptures and paintings for sale. It's located inside the city's landmark train station: to the left, at the end of the platform, at ‘Sala de Espera’.

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Nearby Maputo attractions

1. Train Station

0.05 MILES

Maputo’s landmark train station is one of the city’s most imposing buildings. The dome was designed by an associate of Alexandre Gustav Eiffel (of Eiffel…

2. Municipal Market

0.33 MILES

With its long rows of vendors, tables piled high with produce, fresh fish and colourful spices, and stalls overflowing with everything from brooms to…

4. National Money Museum

0.44 MILES

Housed in a restored yellow building on the corner of Rua Consiglieri Pedroso, the National Money Museum dates from 1860. Inside are exhibits of local…

5. Fort

0.54 MILES

The old fort was built by the Portuguese in the mid-19th century near the site of an earlier fort. Inside is a garden and a small museum with remnants…

6. National Art Museum

0.57 MILES

Half a block west of Avenida Karl Marx, the National Art Museum has an excellent collection of paintings and sculptures by Mozambique’s finest…

7. Iron House

0.59 MILES

This house was designed by Eiffel (or an associate) in the late 19th century as the governor’s residence, but its metal-plated exterior proved unsuitable…

8. Praça da Independência


This wide and imposing plaza is the gateway from the upper part of town to the baixa. It's rimmed by several notable buildings and well worth a stroll.