Top ChoiceGallery in Maputo

Chissano Gallery

Works of renowned sculptor Alberto Chissano, as well as his remains, are on display in his family’s residence at the Chissano Gallery. Taxis from central Maputo charge from Mtc500 return, including waiting time.

Top ChoiceMuseum in Maputo

National Art Museum

Half a block west of Avenida Karl Marx, the National Art Museum has an excellent collection of paintings and sculptures by Mozambique’s finest contemporary artists, including Malangatana and Alberto Chissano.

Top ChoiceHistoric Building in Maputo

Train Station

Train Station

Maputo’s landmark train station is one of the city’s most imposing buildings. The dome was designed by an associate of Alexandre Gustav Eiffel (of Eiffel Tower fame), although Eiffel himself never set foot in...

Plaza in Maputo

Praça dos Heróis Moçambicanos

The large Praça dos Heróis Moçambicanos, along Avenida Acordos de Lusaka near the airport, is notable for its 95m-long mural commemorating the revolution. The star-shaped white-marble structure in its centre...

Fortress in Maputo


The old fort was built by the Portuguese in the mid-19th century near the site of an earlier fort. Inside is a garden and a small museum with remnants from the era of early Portuguese forays to the area. The...

Notable Building in Maputo

City Hall

The hulking, neoclassical City Hall looks down over the baixa area from a low hill at the top of Avenida Samora Machel. The building, which was completed in 1947, is still in active use today, so it cannot...

Cathedral in Maputo

Cathedral of Nossa Senhora da Conceição

With its simple but imposing lines and soaring, white spire, this cathedral is one of Maputo's most attractive buildings. It was completed in 1944. Inside, don't miss the altar work, the stained-glass windows and...

Landmark in Maputo

President's Residence

Mozambique's presidential complex is a beautiful and impressive structure overlooking Maputo Bay. Photographs are not permitted. It is also not permitted to walk on the sidewalk in front of the complex.

Historic Building in Maputo

Iron House

This house was designed by Eiffel (or an associate) in the late 19th century as the governor’s residence, but its metal-plated exterior proved unsuitable for tropical conditions.

Plaza in Maputo

Praça da Independência

Praça da Independência

This wide and imposing plaza is the gateway from the upper part of town to the baixa. It's rimmed by several notable buildings and well worth a stroll.

Park in Maputo

Jardim dos Professores

A pleasant, green area to while away a morning or late afternoon, with a children's playground, a small cafe, a community library and views over the harbour.

Park in Maputo

Jardim dos Namorados

Wonderful for families, with a children's playground, pedalo rentals, lots of space, a good and inexpensive cafe and views over Maputo Bay.

Museum in Maputo

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum, near Hotel Cardoso, is worth a stop simply to see its stately Manueline architecture and its garden with a mural by Malangatana. Inside are some taxidermy specimens accompanied by...

Market in Maputo

Municipal Market

With its long rows of vendors, tables piled high with produce, fresh fish and colourful spices, and stalls overflowing with everything from brooms to plastic buckets, the Municipal Market is Maputo’s main market...

Arts Centre in Maputo

Núcleo de Arte

This long-standing artists cooperative has frequent exhibitions featuring the work of up-and-coming artists (some of which is for sale). There’s also a pottery area and a garden where you can talk with the...

Gallery in Maputo

Kulungwana Espaço Artístico

This small gallery exhibits works by local and visiting artists and offers sculptures and paintings for sale. It's located inside the city's landmark train station: to the left, at the end of the platform, at...

Gardens in Maputo

Jardim Tunduru

These botanical gardens – now more than a century old – have been recently rehabilitated and are well worth a stroll. There's a small kiosk to the left of the main entrance with tourist information, a small...

Museum in Maputo

National Money Museum

Housed in a restored yellow building on the corner of Rua Consiglieri Pedroso, the National Money Museum dates from 1860. Inside are exhibits of local currency, ranging from early barter tokens to modern-day bills.