Must see attractions in Ziz Valley & the Tafilalt

  • Top ChoiceSights in Merzouga

    Erg Chebbi

    Shape-shifting over 28km from north to south and reaching heights of 160m, the great sand sea of Erg Chebbi is extraordinarily scenic. The rose-gold dunes rise dramatically above a pancake-flat, grey hamada (hard-packed rocky desert) and turn stunning shades of orange, pink and purple as the sun sets.

  • Sights in Erfoud

    Tahiri Museum of Fossils & Minerals

    For a good introduction to Morocco's fossils head to Brahim Tahiri's private museum. Scientifically important specimens are exhibited beside their lesser cousins for sale in the boutique. Brahim's efforts at raising awareness of Morocco's rich geological heritage have even been recognised internationally with the naming of his very own trilobite, Asteropyge tahiri. You'll find the museum around 11km from Erfoud along the Rissani road – easily spotted by the life-size replicas of dinosaur skeletons out front. Prize fossils in museum display cases aren’t for sale, but they do have some rare specimens for purchase and you can buy objects studded with more common trilobite and ammonite fossils.