Ancienne Talborjt


The grassy area below the kasbah covers the remains of old Agadir town and constitutes a mass grave for all those who died in the 1960 earthquake.

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Nearby Agadir attractions

1. Agadir Beach

0.51 MILES

Locals and tourists come together here to enjoy the tawny sand, fresh breeze and lapping waves. There are lots of cafes, restaurants and vendors to help…

2. Mémoire d’Agadir

0.54 MILES

This small museum in the southwest corner of Jardin de Olhão, entered from outside the park, is dedicated to the 1960 earthquake. Displays include…

3. Vallée des Oiseaux

0.56 MILES

This leafy city-centre retreat in the dry riverbed running down from Blvd Hassan II to Blvd du 20 Août is a handy – and more scenic – way to walk to the…

4. Jardin de Olhão

0.59 MILES

A cool, relaxing garden created in 1992 to mark the twinning of Agadir with the Portuguese town of Olhão. Good for retreating for a cool drink or to plan…

5. Kasbah

0.64 MILES

Offering superb views, the hilltop kasbah 7km northwest of the centre is a rare survivor of the 1960 earthquake. Built in 1541 and restored in the 1740s,…

6. Théâtre en Plein Air

0.94 MILES

This large open-air theatre-in-the-round is for the design-heads. Hemmed in by large magnolia trees and some bougainvillea doing the best it can, the…

7. Musée du Patrimoine Amazigh

0.96 MILES

With an excellent display of photographs and Berber artefacts, especially jewellery and daggers, the museum is a great place to learn about the…

8. Jardin Ibn Zaidoun

1.01 MILES

This pleasant green oasis in the urban melee is home to dozens of trees towering over families picnicking with their portable shishas. The eucalyptus…