Casa's biggest open space is the Parc de la Ligue Arabe. It's a good place for games and walks, has a choice of small cafés and the Yasmina amusement park.

Parc de la Ligue Arabe, has an essentially French layout, although the flora is more faithful to its location in Africa. Cathédrale du Sacré Coeur, built in 1930, is a somewhat neglected former cathedral. It's also an unexpected sight in the heart of a Muslim city and is symbolic of modern Casablanca's essentially European genesis. Sitting on the edge of the Parc de la Ligue Arabe, it reflects the best of the more adventurous architectural products of the Art Deco era. Deconsecrated some time ago, it has been converted into a school, but now it looks like squatters have moved in. Take care around this area.