Old Medina

Area in Casablanca

Though lacking the medieval magic that characterises many Moroccan medinas, Casablanca’s compact 19th-century example is still worth a wander. You're unlikely to find treasures in its everyday shops (hardware stores, pharmacies and shops selling cheap clothing and shoes predominate), but its whitewashed crooked lanes, occasional tree-shaded square and buzzy local cafes make it a popular route for those walking between downtown Casablanca and the Hassan II Mosque.

The most heavily used entrances are through Bab Marrakech on Ave Tahar El Alaoui or through the gate next to the rebuilt clock tower at the northeast corner of Place des Nations Unies. The narrow lanes near these gates are where most shops are found; the rest of the medina remains largely residential.

On the north side of the medina, facing the port, you’ll see the last remains of Casablanca’s 18th-century fortifications. Known as the sqala, the bastion offers panoramic views over the sea.