Top choice in Azrou

Azrou's weekly souq is one of the largest in the Middle Atlas and truly a sight to behold, but it's not a souvenir-fest: mountain people come from surrounding villages to trade and shop, and the real attraction is in observing a workaday Moroccan market bulging with local produce, livestock and clothes – come before 10am to see goats, sheep and cows being bought and sold.

The souq sprawls over an open plain 1.5km north of the town centre and is divided into three sections, with the livestock area the furthest from town. Start at this end and work your way back, stopping at the food tents (downhill from the livestock area) to see carcasses hanging ready for the grills and to grab a mint tea with the locals. The section nearest town always has a couple of carpet and textile vendors and some very good bargains can be negotiated.

Take care if it’s been raining, as the souq area can easily turn into a quagmire.

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