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Herceg Novi

Standing at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor like an eager host, Herceg Novi (Херцег Нови) welcomes visitors with bright bouquets, sparkling seas and almost-constant sunshine. Can’t find the party? Look down; it’s all happening a few dozen wonky steps below the main highway. The Old Town's shiny squares, elegant churches and formidable fortresses echo with the clatter of cafes and bars. Further down, pebbly beaches and concrete terraces offer access to the bay’s best – and cleanest – swimming. Follow the pedestrian-only promenade and you’ll hit Igalo, famed for its therapeutic mud.

‘Novi’ means ‘new’, and while this is indeed one of the newer towns on the bay, it’s no spring chicken; it was founded in 1382 by Bosnia's King Tvrtko I. ‘Herceg’ refers to Herceg (Duke) Stjepan Vukčić Kosača, who fortified the town in the 15th century; the remaining fortifications are a little younger.

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