Casa de los Venados

Top choice in Valladolid

Featuring over 3000 pieces of museum-quality Mexican folk art, this private collection is interesting in that objects are presented in an actual private house, in the context that they were originally designed for, instead of being displayed in glass cases. The tour (in English or Spanish) touches on the origins of some of the more important pieces and the story of the award-winning restored colonial mansion that houses them.

While there are tours every day at 10am, for which you don't need a reservation, there are also tours on the hour each hour until 1pm when demand is high. Note that though the fee is officially called a 'donation,' the guides make it abundantly clear that those on the tour should pay M$100, and that a tip is appreciated as well. It's actually a small price to pay for entry to a truly impressive collection, but the term 'donation' is misleading.