Centro de Convenciones Campeche XXI


This unmistakably modern behemoth serves as a handy reference point along the beachfront.

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1. Novia del Mar

0.13 MILES

Just beyond the Centro de Convenciones Campeche, the girl gazing out to sea is the Novia del Mar. According to a poignant local legend, the campechana…

3. Sculpture of Pedro Sáinz de Baranda

0.29 MILES

A block past the Hotel del Mar is a monumental sculpture of Pedro Sáinz de Baranda, a native son who played a key role in defeating the Spanish at their…

4. Mansión Carvajal

0.32 MILES

Once the mansion of wealthy landowner Fernando Carvajal, this beautiful building now houses state offices. Visitors are welcome to take a peek inside,…

5. Biblioteca de Campeche

0.35 MILES

On the northern (seaward) side of Plaza Principal stands a replica of the old government center, now housing the modern Biblioteca de Campeche. The…

7. Museo El Palacio

0.36 MILES

This large museum at the plaza has exhibits about the city's logwood industry and salt trading; a section is designed to make you feel like you're inside…

8. Museo de la Arquitectura Maya

0.37 MILES

The Baluarte de Nuestra Señora de la Soledad, designed to protect the Puerta del Mar, contains the fascinating Museo de la Arquitectura Maya. It provides…