Tzintzuntzan Archaeological Site


in Tzintzuntzan

This site comprises an impressive group of five semicircular reconstructed temples known as yácatas, which are all that remain of the mighty Purépecha empire. The hillside location offers wonderful views of the town, lake and surrounding mountains and is rarely crowded. A small but well-curated museum showcases finds from the site, including jewelry and pottery. Don't miss the replica of the Ihuatzio coyote. English language visitor's guide available at the entrance.

Down the hill to the east there are some boulders with carved petroglyphs of barely recognisable deities. A small info point and some flowering bushes highlight a project that's trying to entice the once-abundant hummingbird back to the area; 'Tzintzuntzan' means 'place of the hummingbird' in Purépecha.