Fuente de Neptuno


A block west of Jardín Zenea is the Fuente de Neptuno, designed by noted Mexican neoclassical architect Eduardo Tresguerras in 1797.

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1. Templo de Santa Clara

0.04 MILES

The 17th-century Templo de Santa Clara has an extraordinarily ornate baroque interior. Masses are held frequently so you'll have to inquire as to the best…

2. Museo de Arte de Querétaro

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Querétaro's art museum, adjacent to the Templo de San Agustín, occupies a splendid baroque monastery built between 1731 and 1748. It's worth visiting to…


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While a museum of calendars might not sound riveting, this extraordinary museum is unexpectedly interesting. It takes a wide angle view of calendars and…

4. Museo de la Ciudad

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Inside the ex-convent and old prison that held the deposed Emperor Maximilian, the 11-room Museo de la Ciudad has some good alternating contemporary art…

6. Cathedral

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The 18th-century cathedral features both baroque and neoclassical styles, with an emphasis on straight lines and few curves; it's said that the first Mass…

7. Teatro de la República

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This lovely old functioning theater, complete with impressive chandeliers, was where a tribunal met in 1867 to decide the fate of Emperor Maximilian…

8. Museo Regional de Querétaro

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The ground floor of this museum holds interesting exhibits on pre-Hispanic Mexico, archaeological sites, the Spanish occupation and the state's various…