Teatro Morelos

Aguascalientes State

Teatro Morelos, scene of the 1914 Convention of Aguascalientes, was constructed during the reign of Pofirio, in which revolutionary factions led by Pancho Villa, Venustiano Carranza and Emiliano Zapata attempted unsuccessfully to mend their differences. Busts of these three, plus one of Álvaro Obregón, stand in the foyer and there are a few exhibits upstairs.

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1. Catedral

0.01 MILES

The well-restored 18th-century baroque cathedral, on the plaza's west side, is more magnificent inside than out. Over the altar at the east end of the…

2. Palacio de Gobierno

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On the south side of Plaza de la Patria, the red-and-pink stone Palacio de Gobierno is Aguascalientes' most noteworthy colonial building. Once the mansion…

3. Museo Regional de Historia

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This history museum was designed by Refugio Reyes as a family home and features a small chapel. Its exhibits cover everything from the big bang and the…

4. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo

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A small, modern museum displaying the work of painter Enrique Guzmán (1952−86) as well as temporary exhibitions.

5. Museo Nacional de la Muerte

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The excellent Museo Nacional de la Muerte exhibits all things relating to Mexico's favorite subject – death – from the skeleton La Catrina to historic…

6. Ex-Plaza de Toros San Marcos

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7. Casino de la Feria

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This is Mexico's only legal casino (built in 1962); during the annual feria, it's also the the city's cockfighting arena.

8. Templo del Encino

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This church contains a black statue of Jesus that some believe is growing. When it reaches an adjacent column, a worldwide calamity is anticipated…