Museo Nacional de la Muerte

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The excellent Museo Nacional de la Muerte exhibits all things relating to Mexico's favorite subject – death – from the skeleton La Catrina to historic artifacts and modern depictions. The contents – over 2500 items, drawings, literature, textiles, toys and miniatures – were donated to the Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes by collector and engraver, Octavio Bajonero Gil. Over 1200 are on display. They span several centuries, from Mesoamerican to contemporary artistic interpretations.

A section on the funeral rites of children is a little harrowing – not to mention pictures of a dead Frida Kahlo elsewhere – but otherwise the tone is surprisingly light. In the second to last room, look out for the (very) miniature crystal skull. It's believed to be from Aztec times and there are only two like it in the world. The upstairs gallery includes an interesting section on the different representations of death from countries around the world, and it becomes apparent that an obsession with the macabre is far from unique to Mexico. All up this wonderfully eccentric place provides a colorful, humorous and insightful encounter with the fate that awaits us all!

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