Punta Molas

Isla Cozumel

To reach the far northeast of the island you're best off heading out on an off-road tour to avoid getting stranded on the remote dirt road. The tour makes stops at some fairly good beaches, where you can go snorkeling, and you'll also visit small Maya ruins and a deserted lighthouse at the northernmost point.

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1. El Castillo Real

3.21 MILES

Down the same intimidating road that leads to Punta Molas are the large Maya ruins known as El Castillo Real (The Royal Castle). The archaeological site,…

2. San Gervasio Ruins

10.07 MILES

This overpriced Maya complex is Cozumel’s only preserved ruin. It's thought to have been the location of the sanctuary of Ixchel, goddess of fertility,…

3. Sea Walls

15.5 MILES

Local and international artists backed by the PangeaSeed foundation created 36 large-scale public murals in 2015 to raise awareness about ocean…

4. Punta Bete

20.27 MILES

A rocky, reef-hugged point 65km south of Cancún, Punta Bete is reached by a dirt road that runs past a housing development and weaves 2.5km from Hwy 307 …

5. Pescadores Brewery

20.49 MILES

About 5km south of Puerto Morelos you can wet your whistle at this roadside Mexican craft-beer brewery, where they run daily tours at noon and 3pm…

7. Punta Esmeralda

21.5 MILES

Emerald Point has become a favorite beach among Playa del Carmen locals, set on the northern edge of the city. Here, a shallow cenote provides a calm…

8. Crococun Zoo

22.64 MILES

About 23km south of the Cancún airport, this former crocodile farm now calls itself a conservationist zoo that protects some of the area's endangered…