Parque Punta Sur

Isla Cozumel

For the price of admission to this park, you can visit a lighthouse, a small nautical museum and a Maya ruin. The park road leads past an observation tower from where it's possible to spot migratory birds and occasional crocodiles, and continuing further west you'll reach a beach area with a shallow reef, a restaurant and boat tours (noon, 1pm and 2pm) to Laguna Colombia. You'll need your own vehicle or a taxi (M$300 one way) to get here.

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1. El Cielo

3.18 MILES

Living up to its heavenly name, El Cielo's shallow turquoise waters are ideal for snorkeling and swimming among starfish, stingrays and small fish…

2. Playa Palancar

5.86 MILES

About 17km south of San Miguel, Palancar is a great beach to visit during the week when the crowds thin out. It has a beach club renting snorkel gear (US…

3. El Cedral

6.56 MILES

This Maya ruin, a fertility temple, is the oldest on the island. It’s the size of a small house and has no ornamentation. El Cedral is thought to have…

4. Sea Walls

16.3 MILES

Local and international artists backed by the PangeaSeed foundation created 36 large-scale public murals in 2015 to raise awareness about ocean…

5. San Gervasio Ruins

18.05 MILES

This overpriced Maya complex is Cozumel’s only preserved ruin. It's thought to have been the location of the sanctuary of Ixchel, goddess of fertility,…

6. Paamul

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Paamul, 87km south of Cancún, is a de facto private beach on a sheltered bay. Like many other spots along the Caribbean coast, it has signs prohibiting…

7. Xpu-Há

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Xpu-Há (shpoo-ha) is a beach area about 95km south of Cancún that extends for several kilometers. It’s reached by numbered access roads (most of them…

8. Cenote Azul

22.4 MILES

Conveniently located right off the main highway, Cenote Azul is one of the easiest Riviera Maya cenotes to visit. It’s also one of the region’s most…