El Castillo Real

Isla Cozumel

Down the same intimidating road that leads to Punta Molas are the large Maya ruins known as El Castillo Real (The Royal Castle). The archaeological site, as well as the Aguada Grande ruins a few kilometers' hike away, are both quite far gone, their significance having blown off into the breeze some time ago. Still, half the fun is in getting there, right?

Other island ruins include the temple at San Gervasio, which was erected by the Maya as a tribute to Ixchel, the moon goddess of fertility. Female pilgrims came here from all over the region to pay tribute. San Gervasio sits between San Miguel and the east coast, northeast of the Carretera Transversal.

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1. Punta Molas

3.21 MILES

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2. San Gervasio Ruins

7.41 MILES

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3. Sea Walls

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Local and international artists backed by the PangeaSeed foundation created 36 large-scale public murals in 2015 to raise awareness about ocean…

4. El Cedral

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5. Punta Bete

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7. Quinta Avenida

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Restaurants, bars, stores and craft stalls line a 2km stretch of this busy pedestrian thoroughfare.

8. Museo Frida Kahlo Riviera Maya

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