Playa Bruja


North of the Zona Dorada and marinas, 'Witch Beach' was once serene but has seen a flood of high-rise development in recent years. Still, it's one of Mazatlán's most appealing stretches of sand and is a popular surf spot.

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1. Playa Cerritos

0.64 MILES

North of town, this appealing beach has a cluster of seafood restaurants and decent surf.

2. Playa Sábalo

4.07 MILES

One of Mazatlán's better beaches, Playa Sábalo extends north of the Zona Dorada and is backed by several luxury hotels.

3. Onilikan

4.74 MILES

This tiny distillery is the only one of its kind, specializing in brewing up mango liquors, which can be sampled here in their pure form or as part of a…

4. Playa Las Gaviotas

5.06 MILES

Many of Mazatlán's hotels are on this long strip of sand. Sheltered by picturesque islands, the waters here are generally calm and ideal for swimming and…

5. Acuario Mazatlán

6.57 MILES

One of Mexico’s largest aquariums has tanks with hundreds of species of freshwater, pelagic and reef fish, a display of skeletons, and birds and frogs in…

7. Playa Norte

7.83 MILES

Flanked by a broad malecón (beach promenade) popular with joggers and strollers, the golden sands of Playa Norte begin just north of Old Mazatlán. Fishing…

8. El Clavadista

8.17 MILES

Although not as famous nor as spectacular as Acapulco's cliff divers, local clavadistas cast their bodies from a couple of platforms at the eponymous…