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Chihuahua & Central North Mexico

These are the most northerly ancient pyramids in the Americas, though in truth the site requires a large amount of both enthusiasm and imagination, as very little survives. There's a two-room museum explaining the culture of the Chalchihuites people who built the structures. Located 7km south of town, taxis cost about M$300, including waiting time.

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1. Museo Francisco Villa

4.55 MILES

Housed in a spectacular colonial mansion, this well-conceived museum pays deep homage to the Mexican revolutionary hero Pancho Villa. Sixteen rooms worth…

2. Museo de las Culturas Populares

4.57 MILES

A bit run down, this small museum exhibits craftwork from Durango state’s indigenous Tepehuanes and Huicholes and other artisans, including some…

3. Túnel de Minería

4.57 MILES

A mining museum in an underground tunnel. Guides lead visitors past displays on the history of mining in Durango while weaving in legends of the past…

4. Plaza de Armas

4.58 MILES

Flower- and fountain-filled Plaza de Armas is graced by the handsome baroque Catedral del Basílica Menor. A popular meeting spot, there's a bandstand,…

5. Museo de la Ciudad 450


This impressive city museum features an interesting collection of interactive exhibits, from pre-Hispanic times through colonization to the present day,…

7. Catedral del Basílica Menor

4.62 MILES

Durango's Plaza de Armas is dominated by the handsome baroque facade of this cathedral, constructed between 1695 and 1787. The cathedral’s vast, Byzantine…

8. Museo Palacio de los Gurza

4.71 MILES

This small museum, housed in a gorgeous 18th-century home, has rotating exhibits of modern art by up-and-coming Mexican artists; pieces often have…