Rault Biscuit Factory


In 1870 the Rault family started producing manioc biscuits at its little biscuit factory on the northern outskirts of Mahébourg, and the factory has changed hardly a jot since. The crispy square cookies are made almost entirely by hand using a secret recipe passed down from generation to generation and baked on hotplates over stoves fuelled with dried sugar-cane leaves. The 20-minute tour ends with a chance to sample the finished product – with a nice cup of tea, of course.

The factory is on the far side of the Cavendish Bridge; when you cross the bridge, turn left at the brown-and-white factory sign and then follow the further signs. Packets of the biscuits in seven flavours (we recommend the butter flavour; reaching this decision involved pleasurable research…) are on sale for Rs 79 (wafers cost Rs 75).

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