Rault Biscuit Factory

Museum in Mahébourg

In 1870 the Rault family started producing manioc biscuits at its little biscuit factory on the northern outskirts of Mahébourg, and the factory has changed hardly a jot since. The crispy square cookies are made almost entirely by hand using a secret recipe passed down from generation to generation and baked on hotplates over stoves fuelled with dried sugar-cane leaves. The 20-minute tour ends with a chance to sample the finished product – with a nice cup of tea, of course.

The factory is on the far side of the Cavendish Bridge; when you cross the bridge, turn left at the brown-and-white factory sign and then follow the further signs. Packets of the biscuits in seven flavours (we recommend the butter flavour; reaching this decision involved pleasurable research…) are on sale for Rs 79 (wafers cost Rs 75).