The Rotunda is built around a 17th-century church that was too small for the community's needs, and this more recent structure can seat around three times the village's population. The austere interior impresses through sheer size. Paintings of scenes from the life of St John the Baptist adorn the six side chapels. To the left of the altar is a museum displaying baroque sculptures and relics from the old church. Work on the church began in 1951 and was completed in 1971.

It was built mainly with the volunteer labour of parishioners and paid for by local donations. A small lift (€3) takes visitors up to the gallery surrounding the dome, for great panoramas – the 74m dome is higher than St Paul's Cathedral in London.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Gozo attractions

1. Ta'Ċenċ Sea Cliffs


A track to the left of the entrance to Hotel Ta'Ċenċ leads to the high plateau of Ta'Ċenċ. Views north to Victoria, Xewkija and Xagħra are good,…

3. Ġgantija Temples

1.17 MILES

Perched on the crest of the hill to the south of Xagħra, the awe-inspiring megalithic Ġgantija Temples command soaring views over most of southern Gozo…

4. Torri ta'Mġarr ix-Xini

1.24 MILES

This watchtower built by the Knights of St John in the 17th century guards the entrance to Mġarr ix-Xini's tiny harbour.

5. Villa Rundle Gardens

1.28 MILES

The Rundle Gardens, south of Triq ir-Repubblika, were laid out around 1914 by General Sir Leslie Rundle (Governor of Malta, 1909–15), and are pleasant and…

6. Ta'Kola Windmill


Built in 1725 at the instigation of the Knights, who built many such windmills to encourage the production of flour (this is one of the few left standing)…

7. Church of Our Lady of Victory

1.31 MILES

This church dates from the 17th century. It contains a beautiful marble statue of the Virgin Mary, called locally ‘Il-Bambina’, brought here from…

8. Xerri's Grotto

1.36 MILES

In the back streets to the north of the village square lies Xerri’s Grotto. This underground cavern, complete with stalactites and stalagmites, is unusual…