War Memorial


Monument to the 600 Maltese and nearly one million British servicemen who lost their lives in WWI.

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1. Prospettiva

0.02 MILES

This installation was designed by Maltese architect Chris Briffa to celebrate V18 (Valletta as European City of Culture in 2018). The work merges the city…

4. Granaries

0.11 MILES

Circular slabs stud the paved surface of Pjazza San Publiju; they're the lids of underground granaries.

5. Triton Fountain

0.14 MILES

Sculpted by Maltese sculptor Vincent Apap in 1959, this grand fountain has been restored to perfection and reopened in early 2018 in time for Valletta's…

6. City Gate

0.17 MILES

The Renzo Piano–designed City Gate forms part of the architect's dramatic and harmonious development. It echoes the dimensions of the original 1633…

7. St James' Cavalier


This 16th-century fortification has been transformed into a dazzling arts centre encompassing galleries, theatre and a cinema. Recent exhibitions have…

8. Parliament Building

0.21 MILES

Renzo Piano's breathtaking Parliament Building was completed in 2014. Its design includes two massive volumes of stone that look suspended in air, but are…