City Gate

Monument in Valletta

The Renzo Piano–designed City Gate forms part of the architect's dramatic and harmonious development. It echoes the dimensions of the original 1633 entrance, rather than the 1960s gate that it replaced, allowing passers-by to have the sensation of crossing a real bridge, and giving them views of the ditch and fortifications. The architecture is pared down and stark, and the gate is framed by a pair of metal blades, each 25m high, designed to look like knights' sabres.

Inside the gate, a pair of wide, gently sloping flights of steps, inspired by the stairs that framed the original gate, link the bastions of St James’ Cavalier and St John’s Cavalier to the lower-level Republic St. Looking back up Republic St, you'll notice the City Gate forms a distinct 'V' shape (for Valletta).