Modern stone and glass Parliament building near Valletta City Gate at entrance to Valletta, Malta.  Designed by architect Renzo Piano of Renzo Piano Building Workshop and completed in 2014.

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Parliament Building


Renzo Piano's breathtaking Parliament Building was completed in 2014. Its design includes two massive volumes of stone that look suspended in air, but are supported by stilts. The blocks have been machine-cut to lighten their appearance, while reducing solar radiation and letting in daylight. Covering the rooftop are 600 sq metres of photovoltaic panels, which generate most of the energy required to heat the building in winter and cool it in summer.

The northern block contains the parliament chamber, while the south block accommodates MPs' offices. As little has changed architecturally in Valletta since it was established in the 16th and 17th centuries, it's unsurprising that Renzo Piano's modern and dramatic additions, including the Parliament Building, City Gate and Opera House, have proved controversial in Malta. Everyone definitely has an opinion on the buildings.

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