Cosmology, plate tectonics, wave action and other aspects of the natural world are explored at this new science centre housed in and around the historic Villa Bighi. With more than 200 interactive exhibits and outside playgrounds, it's an excellent destination for children. There are superb views from the manicured gardens and rooftop decks, especially towards Valletta and Fort St Angelo.

On occasional weekends and public holidays there are shows at Esplora's planetarium. Check the website for details.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Malta attractions

1. Bighi Sally Port

0.23 MILES

The wounded were brought here by boat to go to the infirmary under the cover of darkness during the Great Siege.

2. Sacra Infermeria

0.26 MILES

The first hospital to be built by the Knights on their arrival in Malta. It now serves as a convent and is closed to the public.

3. Il Collachio

0.29 MILES

South of Triq Hilda Tabone, this small maze of compact alleys includes some of the city's oldest buildings.

4. Norman House


Owner Charlie Bugeja has carefully restored this building and is always keen to show visitors around. On the 1st floor, the twin-arched window, with its…

5. Auberge d'Angleterre

0.31 MILES

The auberge of the English Knights. Now serves as a branch of Malta's health department.

7. Misraħ ir-Rebħa

0.32 MILES

This compact square features the Victory Monument, erected in 1705 in memory of the Great Siege, and an 1880 statue of St Lawrence, patron saint of…

8. Armoury

0.33 MILES

Built in the 16th century, this was used by the Knights to store ammunition, and had a door on each of its four sides for ease of access. It was later…