Manoel Island

Sliema, St Julian’s & Paceville

Manoel Island, which can be accessed via a short bridge from Gżira, is largely taken up by boat-building yards and the partly restored Fort Manoel. The island was used as a quarantine zone by the Knights of St John; the shell of their 17th-century plague hospital, the Lazzaretto di San Rocco, can still be seen on the south side. There's a summer fun-fair on the island.

Fort Manoel was built in the early 18th century under Grand Master Manoel de Vilhena, and suffered extensive bomb damage during WWII, when nearby Lazzaretto Creek was used as a submarine base. At the time of writing, controversial plans to redevelop the area with apartment complexes were again progressing, albeit against a background of protest to protect the island's green spaces.

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1. Lazzaretto di San Rocco

0.23 MILES

A 17th-century plague hospital on the south side of Manoel Island. More recently, the hospital served as an isolation hospital during WWI and was last…

2. Sacred Heart Church

0.47 MILES

Built in 1872 by Paul Vella, a Valletta priest. During WWII, the church's Franciscan friary was bombed and 23 people were tragically killed.

3. Stella Maris

0.58 MILES

'Our Lady Star of the Sea' was built in 1877. On the third Sunday in August, the church's revered Our Lady Stella Maris statue is paraded through nearby…

4. Malta 5D

0.63 MILES

The most multisensory of Valletta's audiovisual evocations of the past, this 20-minute show enlivens Malta's history with 3D effects, aromas, gusts of air…

5. Tigné Point (The Point)

0.64 MILES

Tigné Point, a promontory east of Sliema, was one of the sites where the Turkish commander Dragut Reis ranged his cannons to pound Fort St Elmo during the…

6. Blitz

0.66 MILES

This innovative gallery and performance space has various pop-up exhibitions and events and hosts resident artists throughout the year. There are no set…

7. City Gate

0.69 MILES

The Renzo Piano–designed City Gate forms part of the architect's dramatic and harmonious development. It echoes the dimensions of the original 1633…

8. Triton Fountain

0.69 MILES

Sculpted by Maltese sculptor Vincent Apap in 1959, this grand fountain has been restored to perfection and reopened in early 2018 in time for Valletta's…