Malta Aviation Museum

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This is aircraft-enthusiast heaven, located on the former site of the Royal Air Force station, with stars of the show including a WWII Spitfire Mk IX and a Hawker Hurricane IIa, salvaged in 1995 after 54 years at the bottom of the sea off Malta's southwest coast. Other aircraft on display include a vintage Flying Flea, a De Havilland Vampire T11, a Fiat G91R and a battered old Douglas Dakota DC-3.

Buses 52 and 53 (hourly) stop here on their routes between Rabat (five minutes) and Valletta (20 minutes).

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1. Ta'Qali Crafts Village

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The arts and crafts workshops at Ta'Qali have been traditionally housed in old Nissen huts on this WWII RAF airfield, but they received a modern and…

2. St Paul's Cathedral

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The cathedral is said to be built on the site of the villa belonging to Publius, the Roman governor of Malta who welcomed St Paul in AD 60.

3. Palazzo Falson


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5. Casa Testaferrata

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6. House of Notary Bezzina

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During the 1798 Mdina uprising against the French occupiers, the French commander Masson was lobbed to his death from the Bezzina's balcony.

7. Knights of Malta

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Audiovisual displays, ghoulish and gruesome mannequins and big screens bring alive the story of the Knights of Malta and the Great Siege of 1565.

8. Corte Capitanale

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The former Court of Justice. The figures on the balcony represent Justice and Mercy.