Ta'Ċenċ Sea Cliffs

Natural Feature in Ta’Ċenċ

A track to the left of the entrance to Hotel Ta'Ċenċ leads to the high plateau of Ta'Ċenċ. Views north to Victoria, Xewkija and Xagħra are good, especially towards sunset. Wander off to the left of the track, near the edge of the limestone crag, and you will find a prehistoric dolmen – a large slab propped up on three smaller stones like a table. Keep your eyes peeled – the dolmen is not signposted and is a little tricky to spot.

The best walking is off to the right, along the top of the huge Ta'Ċenċ sea cliffs. These spectacular limestone crags, more than 130m high, were once the breeding ground of the Maltese peregrine falcon. Near the cliff top you can see traces of prehistoric cart ruts, origins unknown.