Gunung Ledang National Park


According to legend, the highest mountain in Johor is the home of Puteri Gunung Ledang, a mythical princess whose presence is said to permeate the jungle slopes. Climbing Gunung Ledang (also called Mt Ophir; 1276m) is a very demanding – yet rewarding – two-day return trip from the National Park Office to the summit. Consider a side trip to the Puteri Waterfalls, which feature a cool bathing pool. The route is dangerous in parts; mandatory guides cost RM140 per day.

Several camp sites exist along the way up the mountain. Pre- and/or post-trek you can stay in one of the park's accommodation options, or choose the comfortable Gunung Ledang Resort a few kilometres down the road. Most camp sites and accommodation book out over the weekends – plan your trip on a weekday or reserve well in advance. The climb is very popular with Malaysian and Singapore hikers, but sees relatively few foreign ramblers.

Most hikers come here by car, but you can reach the park by taking a bus or train to Segamat then hopping on a local bus to Segil (RM5, 45 minutes); ask to get off at Gunung Ledang.

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