Malawian kwacha (MK)

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Cultural in Northern Malawi

Malipenga Dance Season

Around northern towns such as Nkhata Bay and Karonga, locals celebrate both the end of the harvest and their Tonga culture with malipenga dances. Malipenga imitates military drills: it was devised by northerners...

Music in Malawi

Lake of Stars Music Festival

One of the region’s largest spectacles, this three-day music festival features live acts from around Africa and Europe. It takes place in a different lakeshore venue each year, with proceeds benefiting charity....

Sports in Mt Mulanje

Mt Mulanje Porters Race

Taking place on the second Saturday in July, this 20-year-old competition follows a gruelling, rocky route over the country's highest peak. It was originally only for porters and guides, but these days anyone can...

Sports in Cape Maclear

Cape Maclear Triathlon

This swimming, cycling and running contest began in 2015 and took place again the following year, with proceeds going to local NGOs and charities. The course includes both the lake and the national park, and the...

Cultural in Blantyre

Blantyre Arts Festival

This annual cultural jamboree began in 2009 and featured artists including the great Malian musician Salif Keita. It unfortunately didn't happen in 2016, but there were plans to bring it back the following year,...

Cultural in Lilongwe

Malawi Fashion Week

Launched in 2012, this annual event displays the threads and celebrates the talent of Malawi's fashion houses. Tickets to the one-day show start around MK15,000, and 2016's event included a whisky tasting, cigar...

Sports in Malawi

Lake Malawi Sailing Marathon

This week-long sailing extravaganza on Lake Malawi – claimed by promoters to be one of the longest freshwater sailing competitions in the world – covers about 500km, from Mangochi in the south to the Chintheche...

Cultural in Mua

Chamare Day

Held in the first week of August, this festival celebrates Mua and Malawian culture with performances of Chewa, Yao and Ngoni song, dance and theatre, courses on the country's history and culture and more.

Cultural in Likoma Island

Likoma Festival

The Ilala ferry cruises to Likoma, with much barbecuing, music and revelry en route, for a weekend of cultural performances and beach sports.