Parc Mitsinjo

Eastern Madagascar

Located on the main road opposite the MNP office, Mitsinjo is a private reserve run by Association Mitsinjo, set up by guides to promote conservation and community tourism. It’s a great idea to add this to your itinerary before or after visiting Parc National Mantadia.

There are three circuits: a short circuit (guide per person Ar30,000), a medium circuit (Ar40,000) and a long circuit (Ar60,000). An excellent night hike within the actual forest (1½ hours, Ar20,000) gives you a much better chance of seeing the smaller nocturnal lemurs, sleeping chameleons and rare leaf-tailed lizards. You can also visit the reforestation area and plant a tree (one to two hours, Ar30,000); there’s no separate entry fee. The Accrobranche (zipline) through the forest canopy is currently out of action, but staff hope to get it up and running again sometime in 2020.

For more information visit Mitsinjo’s small handicrafts shop next to the Parc Mitsinjo office.