Clock Museum


If you want to know what makes things tick, look no further than this niche museum that explores human measurement of time, from the earliest sundials to the latest quartz-powered Swiss watch, touching on water clocks, candle clocks and other ways of measuring time. Upstairs, the exhibition looks at the evolution of design and form in clocks over the past four centuries. The sundial garden can be worth the price of admission, on sunny days.

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1. Arka

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This monument commemorates the 1918 Act of Tilsit and 1923 Klaipėda Revolt, key stages in the incorporation of Lithuania Minor within the rest of the…

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Established on the site of the main cemetery of the old Prussian city of Memel (Klaipėda in a former incarnation), in 1977, this L-shaped park became an…

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