History Museum of Lithuania Minor


This creaky-floored little museum traces the origins of ‘Lithuania Minor’ (Kleinlitauen), as this coastal region was known during its several centuries as part of East Prussia. It exhibits Prussian maps, coins and artefacts of the Teutonic Order. Most attractive are the wooden furnishings, displays of folk art and traditional weaving machines.

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Nearby Klaipėda attractions

1. Baroti Gallery

0.05 MILES

This gallery is partly housed in a converted fish warehouse dating to 1819. It has a lively program of visiting art and photography exhibitions.

2. Blacksmith’s Museum


This museum displays ornate forged-iron works such as ornate 19th-century stove doors and elaborate crosses salvaged from the town’s former cemetery …

3. Simon Dach Fountain

0.11 MILES

Dedicated to the Klaipėda-born German poet (1605–59) who was the focus of a circle of Königsberg writers and musicians, this fountain supports a statue of…

4. Ännchen von Tharau Statue

0.13 MILES

A replica of the 1912 statue of Little Annie of Tharau sculpted by Berlin artist Alfred Kune (the original was destroyed in WWII) and inspired by a famous…

5. Klaipėda Drama Theatre

0.16 MILES

This fine neoclassical theatre, built in 1857, stages productions in Lithuanian. Hitler proclaimed the Anschluss (incorporation) of Memel into Germany…

6. Klaipėda Castle Museum


The castle museum is spread across four exhibition spaces around Klaipėda's castle – two of these are located in atmospherically lit tunnels and deal with…

7. Arka

0.24 MILES

This monument commemorates the 1918 Act of Tilsit and 1923 Klaipėda Revolt, key stages in the incorporation of Lithuania Minor within the rest of the…

8. Black Ghost


If strolling near the cruise ship pier, keep an eye out for this grotesque hooded figure, clambering out of the water whilst clutching a lamp. Local…