Vingis Park


At the western end of Čiurlionio gatvė is the wooded Vingis Park, surrounded on three sides by the Neris. The park has a large open-air amphitheatre used for the Lithuanian Song and Dance Festival (in July). Take trolleybus 7 from the train station or 3 from the Gedimino stop on Vilniaus gatvė to the Kęstučio stop (the second after the bridge over the river), then walk over the footbridge from the end of Treniotos gatvė.

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1. Kenessa


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2. Vilnius Flower Market

0.82 MILES

If you're ever invited to a Lithuanian home, this always-open Vilnius institution can supply the perfect token of thanks. Haggling expected.

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The 'Green House' exhibits the unvarnished truth behind the destruction of Lithuania's once-vibrant Jewish community, the Litvaks. The displays – mostly…