Vilnius Picture Gallery


Built in the early 17th century, with substantial additions in the 19th, the Chodkeviciai Palace now houses a permanent exhibition of Lithuanian art from the 16th to the 19th centuries. Temporary exhibitions showcase specific Lithuanian movements, artists and mediums.

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2. MK Čiurlionis House

0.09 MILES

Inside the former home of the great artist and composer are a handful of Čiurlionis reproductions, worth taking a peek at if you can’t make it to the…

3. House of Signatories

0.12 MILES

Lithuania's Declaration of Independence was signed here on 16 February 1918. Today, across 14 rooms of this 18th-century house, you'll find a reverent…

4. Cathedral of the Theotokos

0.13 MILES

An Orthodox church has stood here since Lithuania's late pagan days of the 14th century. Over the years it was burned, abandoned, rebuilt, transferred to…

5. Gate to Small Ghetto

0.14 MILES

This was once the entrance to the main Jewish quarter, which lay in the streets west of Didžioji gatvė. Today only street names like Žydų (Jews) and Gaono…

6. Sts Johns' Church

0.14 MILES

The full name is 'Church of St Johns, St John the Baptist and St John the Apostle and Evangelist', but 'Sts Johns' (plural) will do nicely. Founded in…

7. Grand Courtyard

0.15 MILES

The gallery of the courtyard – the largest of the 13 that comprise Vilnius University's 'architectural ensemble' – features plaques commemorating the…