St Raphael’s Church


A handsome late-Baroque church, and adjoining monastery, built by the Jesuits.

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Nearby Vilnius attractions

1. Europa Tower

0.27 MILES

There's an observation deck at 114m; at 129m, this is the highest skyscraper in the Baltics.

3. Energy & Technology Museum

0.42 MILES

Vilnius' first power station, in operation from 1903 to 2003, now houses exhibitions on energy, technology and their historical development. The original…

4. Museum of Genocide Victims

0.45 MILES

This former headquarters of the KGB (and before them the Gestapo, Polish occupiers and Tsarist judiciary) houses a museum dedicated to thousands of…

5. Three Muses

0.49 MILES

Striking a theatrical pose atop the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre is the Three Muses statue. The unusual black-robed figures (representing drama,…

6. Mindaugas

0.55 MILES

This landmark statue depicts the early unifier of the Lithuanian tribes in the mid-13th century and the country's first king.

7. Holocaust Exhibition

0.57 MILES

The 'Green House' exhibits the unvarnished truth behind the destruction of Lithuania's once-vibrant Jewish community, the Litvaks. The displays – mostly…

8. National Museum of Lithuania

0.57 MILES

This wide-ranging museum (inside the New Arsenal) exhibits art and artefacts from Lithuanian life from Neolithic times to the present day. Early history…