Gediminas Hill


Vilnius was founded on 48m-high Gediminas Hill, topped since the 13th century by a red-brick tower. To reach the top of the hill, clamber up the rocky steps behind the cathedral's southeastern side or take the historic funicular, saving you a steep walk.

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Nearby Vilnius attractions

1. Gediminas Castle & Museum

0.05 MILES

With its hilltop location above the junction of the Neris and Vilnia Rivers, Gediminas Castle is the last of a series of settlements and fortified…

4. Toy Museum


This excellent museum is a fun romp through the ages for kids and adults alike. Acquaint yourself with 12th-century games and peruse the extensive…

5. National Museum of Lithuania

0.12 MILES

This wide-ranging museum (inside the New Arsenal) exhibits art and artefacts from Lithuanian life from Neolithic times to the present day. Early history…

7. Mindaugas

0.13 MILES

This landmark statue depicts the early unifier of the Lithuanian tribes in the mid-13th century and the country's first king.

8. Museum of Applied Art

0.14 MILES

The Old Arsenal, built in the 16th century and restored in the 1980s, houses temporary exhibitions and a permanent collection showcasing 15th- to 19th…